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the beginnings

how it all started

The Strawberry and Heritage Museum is a blog where we talk about a different culture, history, Heritage, etc. The adventure began in 2017 by creating the blog. This blog was created from the initiative of local history enthusiasts who have managed to visit many places worldwide.

The Musee Fraise is presented through costumes, furniture, architecture, history, and agriculture.

our mission

Sharing Information About the History and Culture

behind the scenes


Anna Roberto

Anna Roberto



The traveler and photographer of Musee Fraise, a blog created in 2018, is Anna. She thought she was going to become an epidemiologist, but what started as a leisure blog for graduate school is now her full-time career.

Lucia Freenge

Lucia Freenge



Lucia is a content creator known for her approach to history that is informative and resourceful. She has filmed all over the United States and Mexico on stage. For magazines, ad ads, beverage labels, cookbooks, and motion designs, her passion for history and traveling serves consumers.

Gary J. Weir

Gary Weir

Operative Manager


Gary takes care of all things operational at Musee Fraise while he isn’t in the office or traveling the world and thrives to make the trip the best it can be. One of his beloved everyday rituals is to read about different cultures.

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